Rights Watch | October 8th 2020

-Woman raped by ex-husband with the aid of his brothers in Lahore, suspects still at large -Pakistan No. 1 among Asian countries with the highest incidence of Breast Cancer -Torghar teachers close down 72 schools over non-payment of salaries for over 20 months


Woman raped by ex-husband in Lahore

A woman was raped in her home on October 5 by her ex-husband Yasir with the help of his two brothers, Adeel and Naveed, in Lahore’s Ghaziabad. The rape survivor had divorced the accused five years ago. According to the police, the accused and his accomplices had forcible entered her home and ripped off her clothes, after which Yasir proceeded to rape his ex-wife. The culprits fled the scene soon after – police have yet to trace and arrests the suspects despite the passage of three days.

Session on child abuse awareness

The Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) during a session on raising awareness regarding child abuse and the rights of children, urged parents and guardians to encourage children to speak up about any abuse they may be facing. The session was conducted at the Islamabad Traffic Police office and was attended by about 40 individuals including parents, child protection committees, rights activists, and traffic police personnel, and community leaders of the Kohsar area.

Breast cancer common among Pakistani women

Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia with around 83,000 cases (one in nine women) reported each year, of whom 40,000 succumb to the disease, state experts. It is estimated that 10 million Pakistani women are at risk of developing breast cancer at any point in their lives. Around 70% of breast cancer patients seek treatment in later stages, one of the leading causes for such a high mortality rate for breast cancer in Pakistan. This is due to a combination of the social stigma surrounding female healthcare, a lack of education and awareness regarding breast cancer and other female health issues, deficient healthcare facilities and technologies, and the shortage of female physicians and consultants.

Torghar teachers close schools over non-payment of salaries

72 schools under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary Education Foundation in the Torghar district were closed down as teachers declare a strike over non-payment of their salaries of 20 months. Protestors state they have repeatedly raised this concern with the relevant authorities and local lawmakers to no avail. The strike will deprive around 5,000 boys and girls of an education that had already been on hold for the past six months due to the prevalent COVID-19 situation.