Rights Watch | 19th October 2020


Minors sexually assaulted in Punjab

Two minors were allegedly raped in separate incidents in Jaranwala, district Faislabad, Punjab on Saturday, October 17. According to the police, a six-year-old girl was playing outside her house in the Usman Ghani neighbourhood of Ghulam Muhammadabad when she was abducted by one Asim. The accused took the girl to an unknown location and subjected her to sexual assault in an unknown area. Passersby however heard her screaming during the assault and intervened. They were able to apprehend the accused.

In the second incident, a fourteen-year-old boy was allegedly drugged and then raped by a shopkeeper at Jhang road, Motor market, Jaranwala.

Another victim of abuse, a thirteen-year-old boy was allegedly abused by six individuals within the Manwan precinct in Lahore. According to his father, the boy had gone out with his friend on the night of October 15 but did not return. Locals discovered the unconscious minor the following morning and took him to his house. Police have registered a case.

Woman raped in Jaranwala

A 23 year old married woman was raped at gunpoint by one Qasim, a resident of Chak 476-GB. The woman was alone at home when the accused barged inside and subjected her to sexual assault. According to the police, Qasim is a relative of the woman’s husband, Farman Ali. A case has been registered and police are on the hunt for the accused.

Man gunned down for honour

According to police officials, one Muhammad Siddique was killed for ‘honour’ in Dilbori Bazaar in Mansehra on Sunday, October 18. Muhammad Sultan and his son Khan Muhammad gunned down Muhammad Siddique, with hom Muhammad Sultan’s sister had married with against her family’s wishes.

The victim was pronounced dead shortly after being rushed to the hospitals by locals. The police are conducted a search for the accused who managed to flee after the incident.

Policemen booked for torturing youths

Four Rawalpindi Dolphin Force police personnel were booked on Sunday, October 18, for torturing two young cousins, Hasan Qureshi and Zubair Ahmed, outside their jurisdiction in Islamabad.

Qureshi claimed that he was riding home on his motorbike with his cousin, Zubair, when the policemen stopped them on Murree road. After questioning, the police fired bullets in the air and then beat them with the butt of their guns. He alleged that they were stripped of their cellphones and cash, and that he fractured a finger due to the physical torture.

The youths were handcuffed and taken to Sadiqbad police station in Rawalpindi where they were kept in illegal confinement for two hours. After the intervention of Qureshi’s father, they were both released. The police have registered an FIR against the accused dolphin personnel, and said that if the assault on citizens was proved, stringent action would be taken against them.