October 16th, 2020



As the opposition under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) launches its first mega power show in the PML-N stronghold of Gujranwala, party workers seem extremely excited to receive the party firebrand, Maryam Nawaz.

Party workers have set up welcome camps at every known junction on Maryam’s route to show their support. Most glaringly, owing to skyrocketing inflation in the country, support for the anti-government rally has transcended traditional political barriers. Even those who are apolitical are also equally involved watching the rally closely in the hope that the opposition’s power show can help push the government in the right direction.

“God-willing, this rally will be a success and we will get rid of this anti-people government,” says a bystander of Maryam’s convoy. “I run a food stall nearby. These past two years’ business has performed very poorly. People do not have enough to buy basic necessities. Why would anyone come to a food stall? When consumers do not have extra cash, they tend to spend less on luxuries. I hope this rally will help put things on the right track.”