COVID Watch | October 5th 2020

-Pakistan COVID19 cases rise sharply last month the country recorded 6000 active cases, but by October 4, the number had risen to 9,425 -PM AJK, announced the reimposition of restrictions as cases spike.


Experts fear the second wave

Active cases of coronavirus across Pakistan have risen sharply. There were 6000 active cases last month, but by October 4, the number has risen to 9,425. SOPs are still being flouted, however. Preventions will have to be taken if a business, education, and other routines want to be followed but only if everyone follows SOPs, says PMA Secretary-General, Dr. Qaisar Sajjad.

Lockdown re-imposed in AJK

Raja Farooq Haider, PM AJK, announced the reimposition of restrictions in AJK after the Covid-19 positivity ratio rises to 8.3%. Strict measures must be taken before the situation gets out of control, AJK PM.

Sindh reports an increase in cases

Cases in Sindh rise to 138,341 after 291 new cases confirmed cases were reported.  Moreover, the Chief Minister office confirmed reports of a fatality taking the provincial death toll 2521, as fears of a second wave grow.

The rise in Punjab cases

Punjab reported a total of 147 new confirmed cases during the last 24 hours taking the total provincial cases to 99,812. Cases rose sharply in last 24 hours from just 60 recorded cases just a day before.