Rights Watch| September 10th 2020


Couple slaughtered for honor in Swabi

A couple residing in a village in Yar Hussain, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was slaughtered in front of their two minor children in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The victims, Faizullah Khan, and his wife had married of their own accord against the wishes of the bride’s family. They had left their home town in Kohistan and settled in Yar Hussain. An FIR has been filed by Khalilur Ibrar, Faizullah’s brother, against the deceased’s woman’s brother, Shah Faisal, whom he claims killed the two for the honour.

Woman robbed, raped at Lahore motorway

A woman traveling with her children from Lahore to Gujranwala via the motorway late at night was gang-raped by two men within Gujjarpura police limits on Wednesday, September 9.

According to reports, the woman’s car had stalled near Gujjarpura upon which she called a relative for help. She was told to alert the motorway police however the relevant department failed to respond to her call.

While she waited in her car for her relative to arrive, two unknown men approached her, smashed her window, and forced the woman and her two children out of the car. They forced the three into a nearby field on gunpoint and then proceeded to rape the woman. The assailants then fled the scene, robbing the victim of her valuables.

However, the police state that she had yet to call the helpline before she was attacked. IG Punjab Police has claimed that 20 police teams are investigating the matter and that the suspects will be narrowed down based on descriptions provided by the victim.

Man guns down sister in Khanpur

One Malik Haroon Rafaqat shot his sister Amina Rafaqar (18) dead in Nain Sukh village in Khanpur Union Council, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during the late hours of Tuesday, September 8. According to the assailant’s father, Malik Muhammad Rafaqat, his son and daughter had argued over a domestic issue, after which Malik Haroon opened fire upon his sister, killing her on the spot.

Woman approaches LHC for justice

One Shahnaz Mai has filed a habeas corpus petition in the Lahore High Court for her husband, Mazhar Abbas, and two-year-old son, Farman Haider, who is being held hostage by her family. According to the petitioner, her family refused to help her and her four children after the death of her first husband. To secure herself and her children, she married Mazhar against the wishes of her family. Roughly ten days ago, the petitioner claims, she and her husband were chained and tortured by her father, Khan Muhammad, brothers Ansar Ali and Munir Ahmed, and an uncle of her husband, Ashraf. The assailants even attacked her with acid, which left her partially blind.

Shahnaz managed to escape and is now demanding the release of her husband and minor son from their captives. Hearing the petition, Justice Shehram Sarwar ordered Ahmedpur Sial and Shorkot police station SHOs in Jhang to produce the woman’s husband and son in court.

Balochistan cabinet approves rights bills

A marathon session of the Balochistan cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, approved the Balochistan Bonded Labour System Bill 2020 which outlaws the practice of bonded labor and facilitates the recovery and rehabilitation of laborers. The session also approved of the Balochistan Employ­ment of Children Probation and Regulation Bill 2020.

Implementation of Minority Rights

The Implementation of Minority Rights Forum demanded the government to create and disburse an endowment fund for families of victims of the 2013 All Saints Church bomb attack in 2013. Per the Supreme Court’s directives, the victims’ families were to receive compensation and rehabilitation funds, however, the government has yet to move on constituting the endowment fund.