COVID Watch | September 1st 2020


90% of countries’ health services disrupted

COVID-19 disrupted health services in 90% of affected countries, with low & middle-income countries facing the most difficulties. The conclusion was drawn from a WHO survey covering 105 respondent countries from the period of March to June 2020

Plasma therapy promising treatment

Convalescent plasma therapy prevented 92% of critical patients from being put on a ventilator, according to a study. 80% of those receiving plasma therapy recovered in less than 48 hours, maybe life-saving before the onset of tissue damage.

Progress in a pandemic situation

Pakistan reported 213 new infections on August 31, its lowest daily case count for the past four months. No new infections reported across 29 districts in Punjab, however remaining 7 districts reported 28 cases

Coronavirus setbacks

4 virus fatalities reported in the last 24 hours with 1 in Punjab & 3 in Sindh, meanwhile 40 test positive in ICT & Rawalpindi. Active coronavirus cases increase from 8,873 to 8,801 in the same timeframe according to data from NCOC.