Rights Watch | 11th August 2020

Rights Watch

Domestic violence cases quadruple

As per the biannual report by the Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO), “Tracking Numbers: State of Violence Against Women and Children in Pakistan”, domestic violence and child abuse cases have quadrupled in the last 3 months, and broader cases of violence against women have skyrocketed as well, increasing tenfold compared to last year. The report also highlights Punjab as a particular source of, as of the 576 reported instances of child abuse between April and June, around 80% originated in the Punjab. The kidnapping and rape of women is also on the rise in both Punjab and Sindh.

Man poisons wife to death

Mubeen, from Sajjowali village in Sialkot allegedly murdered his wife Mamoona by poisoning her. His motive was suspected to have been a disagreement or confrontation that the couple had had earlier in the day. Mamoona was taken to a medical facility as she became increasingly unwell, but passed away. Sadar Pasroor police are investigating the case and suspect that Mubeen’s relatives were also involved in Mamoona’s murder. 6 people including Mubeen have been arrested so far.

Teen hailed for murdering blasphemy accused

15-year-old Faisal Khan, who shot and killed blasphemy accused Tahir Naseem, a US national believed to have been mentally unstable, on July 29 as is being tried for murder has soared in popularity, with many dubbing him a ‘holy warrior’. Many lawyers across Pakistan had extended their services to Khan, offering to fight his case for free, terming his murder of Naseem justified. Groups of devotees made up of lawyers, clerics, and local officials have gone to Khan’ family residence to congratulate his family on his actions, and even the Pakistani Taliban have thrown their support behind him.

Meanwhile, the US State Department issued a statement regarding the Naseem, claiming that he had been lured to Pakistan with the express purpose of entrapping him in a blasphemy case, and called upon the Pakistani government to reform its oft-abused blasphemy laws. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured that a special team has been constituted to probe the matter, and that justice will be dealt “in accordance with the law”.