Rights Watch | 31st August 2020


Coal Mine Workers

Coal mine workers urged the govt to enforce labor laws in letter & spirit as non-implementation is a prime reason for the death of miners.
According to published media reports, over 400 coal miners have been killed in different mine incidents in Pakistan since 2010.

Balochistan govt to curb ‘misinformation’

The Balochistan govt has ordered its employees to quit all those social media accounts which are spreading “misinformation” against the govt.
The official notification asked the departments’ heads to comply with the orders otherwise strict action will be taken by the chief executive.

Gender Gap in Voters

The ECP has asked its gender affairs wing to reduce the gap between male and female voters which has been widened by over 0.2 million in 2018.
Now, the total number of voters is 112,390,938 – out of which 56% are male voters while 44% are female voters.