Rights Watch | 13th August 2020

Rights Watch

Two murdered for honour

Ahsan Ali Odho of Sher Khan Odho village in Jacobabad, Sindh, shot dead his wife Bilqees and cousin Sarfaraz on Wednesday, August 12. Taj Dero police state Ahsan had committed the crime due to his belief that his wife and cousin were having an extramarital affair. They are investigating the incident as an honour killing, and are on the search for the absconded suspect.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the victims have been surrendered to their respective families after medico-legal examinations.

Man sets wife on fire

A man set his wife of 21 years on fire over his disagreement with their elder daughter’s marriage in Naseerabad, Rawalpindi. The woman received critical burns and was rushed to the Holy Family Hospital for treatment where she recorded her statement. According to the victim, her husband seemed happy leading up to their daughter’s wedding. However, when their daughter left to visit relatives, the suspect entered the woman’s room, doused her in petrol and set her alight. She was put out by her sons and two others in the house upon hearing her screams.

Police are on the hunt for the suspect.

13 year old murdered

Police arrested four including a qari at a mosque in Rashid Garhi, Peshawar, for murdering and attempting to secretly bury a 13 year old Afghan boy by the name of Muslihuddin. The boy was a student at a seminary in Dir Colony, and lived in the mosque in Rashid Garhi with his three cousins. However, police managed to apprehend the suspects as they were attempting to secretly move the body to be buried. Police have yet to determine the motive behind the crime.