Rights Watch | 10th August 2020

Rights Watch

Man murders wife, burns corpse

Nazim Masih of Murdike in Sheikhupura district, Punjab, is accused of murdering his wife Parveen after a domestic dispute on Sunday, August 9, and then setting her body alight.

According to the initial report, the couple was engaged in a domestic dispute (reportedly a common occurrence in their marriage), which culminated in Masih hitting his wife over the head with an iron rod and killing her. He then set the body alight and fled.

He has so far managed to evade capture, but the Farooqabad Saddar Police are now investigating the incident, and plan to bring him to justice.

Man shoots dead wife for honour

In what is suspected to be another ‘honor’ related murder, one Naseebullah Dashti of Kandhkot in Kashmore District, Sindh, is accused of shooting his wife Khatoon Dashti dead and wounding Shaukat Dashti, the man whom he suspected of being her lover. The incident took place on Sunday, August 9.

Police report that the accused escaped after carrying out the crime. Meanwhile, Shaukat Dashti has been taken to hospital in Rahim Yar Khan, where he is receiving medical attention. An FIR has yet to be filed in this case.

LDA official accused of harassment

Iram Ayman, a staffer at Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has accused one of her superiors, an Additional Director General, also the Secretary Sports Complex, of harassment and “intimidating behavior”.

Ayman cites repeated, unnecessary and undeserved changes to her position within the organization, which led to a confrontation between her and the Secretary Sports Complex, who allegedly became overcome with rage and threw a file, as well as shouting at Ayman. After the incident, Ayman alleges that the Secretary treated her in an insulting and disdainful manner, subjecting her to humiliating tasks including forcing her to sit in his office for two hours despite her repeated requests to leave.

Man arrested for raping daughters

Thikriwala police apprehend one Asif, a factory worker in Chak-77JB, Faisalabad, for allegedly raping his two daughters, aged 11 and 9, on the complained of his wife Samina, a domestic worker.

Samina stated she had come home from work to find her daughters weeping. She discovered that her husband had been taking advantage of her absence while she was at work, and sexually assaulting their daughters for over a year. Asif threatened to kill his wife when she confronted him about the incident, but Samina told the other villagers about his crimes, prompting him to make his escape and go into hiding.

Samina also received a telephone call from her husband’s manager at work, pressuring her not to register an FIR. Police managed to pressurize the manager, who revealed Asif’s location. Asif has now been arrested and a case is being pursued against him.

Man saved from lynching

Lahore police arrest an elderly man after rescuing him from being lynched by an angry mob for allegedly vandalizing the copy of the Quran. The incident took place at Jamia Masjid Hazoori on College Road; the mob was beating the man when police were notified and arrived to take the man into custody before he could be harmed any further. Police say that the man is visibly mentally challenged, and as of yet, they have no proof of his crimes.

Another polio case in Balochistan

A 20-month-old baby in Mianghundi, Balochistan has fallen ill with polio after his family refused to get him vaccinated due to suspicions surrounding the vaccine that are common in Pakistan. The baby’s legs have been paralyzed.

This latest case brings this year’s national case count for polio to 64. Pakistan remains one of only two countries, the other being Afghanistan, where the disease is still classified as endemic. After a long gap in planned routine immunization due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the government has recently restarted its anti-polio campaign.