Rights Watch | 04th August 2020

Rights Watch

Honour killing scourge in Malir

The father of Sumaira Akram Khan, 20, reported to police that his son had murdered both his daughter and her husband Zahid, 21 for marrying of their free will in Malir, Karachi.

Acting upon the father’s complaint, the police apprehended the suspect who led them to a residence in New Joharabad, where the bodies of the married couple were found. The perpetrator alleged that he had committed the murders using a knife and with the help of an accomplice.

Further incidents of honour related violence have occurred in Malir, where a woman and man were murdered in Ibrahim Hyderi village last week by the former’s brother. Suspect Qaim Khan had broken into his sister’s home and gunned her down along with her male companion. Qaim Khan also managed to injure his nephews Shahzad, 5, and Najam, 4.

Violence in Ghotki

One Azeem Mehar of district Ghotki, Sindh, allegedly poisoned his wife Fauzia and then covertly buried her in a nearby graveyard before fleeing the scene. SHO Ghulam Haider Mangi reported that Mehar had married his Punjabi wife after ‘purchasing’ her, and her attempt at escaping is what led him to poison her. An FIR has been filed.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Ashiq and Haseena Khokar, who had wed against the will of the bride’s family, became victim to a particularly savage incident of honor-related violence in Ghotki on Friday, July 31.

The couple was intercepted while travelling by rickshaw to Sadiqabad and attacked by a group of unknown men. The assailants shot dead Khokhar and kidnapped his wife.

Khokhar’s family maintains they had notified the Khombara police of the incident immediately but prompt action was not taken. Police are now conducting a search operation to recover Haseena Khokar and bring her husband’s murderers to justice.

Prison sentences reduced

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah issued a 90-day reduction of convicts’ sentences in recognition of Eid ul-Adha and Independence Day.

The policy is aimed at fostering “inclusiveness and goodwill amongst the prisoners”, as per the Sindh Government’s Home Department. However, not all prisoners are entitled to this reduction – numerous categories of prisoners will not receive the remission, including condemned prisoners, and those who have committed crimes such as murder, espionage, robbery, or Zina, among others.

Meanwhile, a police constable by the name of Waris was arrested by fellow officers for firing at and wounding an inmate at the Chuhang station lock-up in Lahore. Zeeshan, who was being held in relation to a theft case, apparently issued repeated demands for a cigarette which prompted the constable to shoot him.

The inmate has been moved to the hospital and the police are investigating the case to see if a deeper motive can be uncovered.