COVID Watch | 31st August 2020


Punjab reports decline in new cases

Punjab has been continuously reporting a decrease in new cases as less than 100 cases were reported in the last 5 days. But testing has also gone down by over 40% in the last five days. On August 25, Punjab conducted 9,908 test cases while on the 30th it tested 5,920 people.

Health experts warn resurgence  

The health experts said that the virus might be mutated to a less aggressive form but warned that it could remerge. They also suggested that the decline in new cases and death is due to herd immunity and govt efforts.

19 more tested positive in Islamabad

An increase in cases is reported in Islamabad. 19 more people tested positive for the disease. A total of at least 15,625 people were infected with the virus while almost 15,000 have recovered from it.