COVID Watch | 24 August


High recovery rate
993 patients have recovered in the past 24 hours in Pakistan according to the government’s Covid-19 online portal. The total number of recoveries in the country has reached 276,829 while 686 patients are still in a critical state.

Low transmission in flights
The chances of catching Covid-19 while onboard a flight are relatively low according to experts from JAMA Network, a science and medicine journal
One explanation for the claims of low-risk level is that the air in aircraft cabins is replaced with new fresh air every two to three minutes

Polio vaccination under pandemic
104 countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan have reported disruptions in polio vaccination services under Pandemic: UNICEF.
The vaccination team reported several cases where parents were too scared to take their kids for polio vaccinations despite new safety SOPs.

Face shields for schools
Designer Zia Haider has designed face shields per international standards for school going children at a price of Rs150 so that more children can afford them.

After international recognition, the Pakistani company aims to meet local demands before schools reopen on September 15.