August 12, 2020

By Our Reporter


PESHAWAR: One more man has been gunned down in a targeted attack in Peshawar possibly for belonging to the Ahmedi community. The incident took place on the evening of Wednesday, August 12.

Police have identified the victim as Meraj Ahmed, 61, who was a resident of the posh residential locality of Gul Bahar. The firing incident happened in the busy Dabgari area of the provincial capital. The Shahqabol police station has registered an FIR of the incident. But the FIR did not mention if the deceased belonged to the Ahmedi community or not.

“We have registered the FIR of the murder and started an investigation,” a police officer on duty at the police station told adding that police yet to receive any information about the religion of the victim.

The police informed that Ahmed was running a medical business in Dabgari area and was closing his shop when he was attacked by unknown gunmen.

Mr. Saleemuddin, spokesperson of the Ahmedi community condemned the killing saying that they are being targeted in religious violence attacks.
“The government has failed to stop the anti-Ahmadi campaign and to give us protection,” he said, adding that due to nonstop violence the Ahmedis lived in constant fear and threat.

Mr. Saleemuddin said that Meraj Ahmed’s family was being threatened for their beliefs and people were refusing to work at his shop.

He demanded of the government to unmask the faces behind the killing.
Police handed over the body to the family and Ahmed was laid to rest after the funeral.

According to a report published by the Ahmadiyya community, at least 269 have been killed while 29 Ahmadiyya worships places have been demolished since 1984.

On 28 May 2010, two Ahmadiyya worships places were bombed in Lahore in which more than 90 people were killed. One of the attackers was captured by the worshippers and handed over to the authorities.

SSP operations Mansoor Aman was approached for a comment but he could not give any replies as he was busy in security arrangements for the inauguration of the BRT project.

This has been the second such case of an Ahmedi being killed in Peshawar in a matter of weeks. A few days ago a blasphemy accused was killed inside a courtroom at the Peshawar High Court before the judge during a hearing.
The Pakistani born American national Tahir Ahmed Naseem had been facing blasphemy charges registered against him in 2018.

A member of the community in Peshawar requesting not to be named told that the family was receiving threats and they have also filed an application with FIA cybercrime wing saying that a campaign was being run on social media against the family and Ahmed