July 30, 2020

By Umar Bacha



The elderly mother and sister of a woman who was known to be trafficked are still awaiting for her safe return. The woman is located to be in Punjab’s Kamalia area where she was allegedly sold at Rs300,000 by some middle men.

“I want to bring my daughter back to Shangla at once; I have not seen her since she went to Karachi about six years ago,” 60 years old, Taslima told Voicepk.net.

A woman who was locked up in a house in Karachi claimed that she originally belonged to Shangla and had been allegedly sold her for Rs300,000 to someone in Kamalia.

In a TV report, a man was shown claiming that the woman was his wife, and confirmed that he had bought her for Rs300,000 from brokers after which he offered Nikah with the girl.

Sehat Bibi, which is the trafficked woman’s real name, got married eight years ago to a man in Lilonai, Shangla district, said the elderly woman. “After the birth of a girl, her husband divorced her and then a year later her brothers took her to Karachi. But I never even heard her voice after that. My sons keep telling me that she has been happily married to someone in Punjab, and that she is doing fine, but I never heard from her.”

After seeing a news report on a TV channel, where the woman was shown to be a victim of human trafficking, it dawned upon the old mother that her own daughter may be in trouble and she could not stop weeping.

“I wanted to see my daughter because I am worried for her; I at least want to have a glimpse of her,” she says wiping her eyes.

At the same time though she maintained that her sons were not involved in trafficking. She said she could swear that they would not have sold her sister.

According to reports, Sehat Bibi was handed over back to the same person who claimed in the video that had bought her from brokers on Rs300,000.

Sehat Bibi’s sister added that the man claimed he had bought her and he did not allow her to talk to them.

“I want justice for my sister and a happy life for her but also identify and arrest those who were involved in selling her,” she said.

A neighbour in Koz Alpurai also demanded justice and free from abduction of that people also her kids.

The neighbour told Voicepk.net on condition of anonymity that her brothers were angered with her over her first divorce and they took her to Karachi and dumped her there, so that they did not have to take responsibility of her.