Rights Watch | 27th July 2020

Rights Watch

Newlyweds found murdered

Newlyweds Saleem Saeen and Aisha (real name Hina) were found dead with their throats slashed in their home in Karachi’s Nazimabad area. According to police, the couple had married around four months ago against the wishes of the bride’s family and eloped. Hina had changed her name to Aisha to prevent her family from tracing her.

Per the statement of a resident who shared a portion of the house the slain couple was residing in, they had heard screams from the Saleem and Aisha’s apartment during a power outage. When they went in to check on them, they found the two murdered.

Police managed to arrest Aisha’s brothers Asif and Ashraf, who confessed to killing the couple for marrying their own free well.

Woman raped in Jacobabad

A woman who was discovered unconscious on the roadside in Thul of district Jacobabad, Sindh, on Sunday, July 26 was shifted to a hospital. Upon regaining consciousness, she claimed she had been abducted and then raped by two men, Asghar and Riaz, who then left her for dead on the roadside.

Minors assaulted in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A seminary teacher was arrested for attempting to molest his 11-year-old student in Gujar Khan city of district Rawalpindi, Punjab on Sunday, July 26. According to the victim’s father, the accused had phoned to the boy and told him to reach the madrassah, where he then attempted to assault the boy.

Meanwhile, Akbarpura police arrested a man for luring and sexually assaulting his 9-year-old cousin in Pabbi of district Nowshera. According to the victim’s mother, the accused had lured the girl into some nearby fields and assaulted her. The child ran home crying and informed her family of the incident. Police managed to arrest the suspect who confessed to the crime.