Rights Watch | 08th July 2020

Rights Watch

Refuge at a Police Station

Having escaped her violent husband, a Nawabshah woman has now taken refuge in the Liaqatabad women’s police station after being refused by her uncles. According to the woman, her husband of 6 months, Ahmed, violently beat her before kicking her out of his house. She then travelled to Karachi where she was referred to a women’s shelter. The shelter managed to track her uncles and sent her with them, but they also eventually kicked her out. She is now temporarily residing at the Liaqatabad women’s police station. Police are on the search for her father, whose whereabouts are unknown to the woman, as both her mother and brother had passed away.

FIA Flushes out Child Pornographers

The Child Pornography Cell of the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing arrested one Faraz Khan, a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Karachi, for possessing and distributing child pornography through social media. Faraz Khan is part of a larger, international ring of child pornographers and distributors. In the past two days alone, working on information provided by Interpol and other international bodies working on outing child pornography rings, five suspects have been arrested so far, including a major stakeholder stationed in Hyderabad.

Man Arrested for Raping Daughter

A judicial magistrate awarded police a three day remand of a man accused of raping his 14 year old daughter over the course of a year and a half in Karachi. According to the complainant, the girl’s mother, the victim had remained quiet about the abuse due to pressure and shame, but due to escalating sexual violence, managed to record the abuse one day which was submitted in court as evidence.