Rights Watch | 02nd July 2020

Rights Watch

Teen Shot, Girl Wounded in Honour Crime

Gunmen shoot dead Zahid (18) and wound Naheed (17) in Karachi’s Orangi Town on Wednesday, July 2. According to local police, the girl’s family believed the two teens were in a relationship. Naheed’s two uncles, Naimatullah and Mohammed, who were allegedly involved in the attack managed to escape the scene of the crime before police arrived. Zahid was pronounced dead on arrival at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital while Naheed is in critical condition at the Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital in Karachi.

Newlyweds Shot Dead in Thatta

The bullet-riddled bodies of Allahdino Palijo and Gul Zameeran Missan, who had married a few months ago despite opposition from their families, were found dead in their car near the Bukhari Pir shrine in Thatta on Wednesday, July 2. Relatives claimed that the couple’s families reconciled after mediation by their elders and that Gul Zameeran’s brother, Raja, would often visit the two.

On the day of the incident, the newlyweds were visiting Gul Zameeran’s family and were informed of the Bukari Pir shrine where they could get blessings. The couple departed for the shrine, however on Wednesday morning, passersby discovered their car near the shrine punctured with bullets and Allahdino and Gul Zameeran dead inside.

Police are on the hunt for Gul Zameeran’s brother, Raja, who has been missing since the incident.

Refugees Remain Unregistered

The government failed to approve NADRA-issued Proof of Registration cards for nearly 1.4 million Afghan refugees and Afghan Citizen Cards of documented Afghan nationals by their June 30 deadline. The Ministry of State and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) has recommended the interior ministry to direct state and law enforcement institutions to not harass refugees without renewed registration cards until the matter is resolved.