Sardar Ram Singh: When Relief Work Transcends Boundaries Of Religion

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The coronavirus pandemic has suspended people’s daily lives, snatching away various opportunities. At the same time though, it has also provided people with a chance to go all out and devote themselves to coming to the aid of others.

Sardar Ram Singh, a young man from Sindh’s Shikarpur district is one of those people, who has seized this opportunity with both hands, changing an unprecedented challenge to a positive situation.

Singh is a founder of the Pakistan Sikh Sewa Society, a group formed to help the Sikh community of Pakistan. But, when the coronavirus lockdown was implemented he decided to expand the scope of its social work beyond the boundaries of religion, caste, or creed.

He teamed up with his friends, who belong to the Hindu or Muslim community, and started distributing masks and sanitizers among the public – even the police officials.

The youth helped spread awareness and educate people about the new deadly virus and how they can protect themselves and others from it.

When Ramzan began, Singh found out about some Muslim families who were in a financial crisis due to the economic shutdown. Singh decided to provide them ration so that they could not face any difficulty to observe during the holy month.

Seeing his passion to help humanity, many local businessmen (mostly Muslims) also donated generously and encouraged him to increase the scope of his charity work.

Now, Ram Singh is not only providing ration to a large number of families in Shikarpur and adjoining areas but has also decided to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to healthcare workers on the front line. He has acquired 200 kits, out of which 100 will be given to the doctors working in the public sector and the remaining will be distributed among the doctors working in private clinics. interviewed Sardar Ram Singh to know about his journey and his plans to expand philanthropic work.

“My organization Pakistan Sikh Sewa Society is not made for one religion or caste. We believe in humanity and always try to work for human rights in light of the teachings of Baba Guru Nanak,” he said.

“We have nothing to do with anyone’s religion or caste. We tried to help all the deserving people from a low socioeconomic segment of society without any discrimination from our platform.”

“We didn’t go to any person for any monetary help. My friends and I are running this charity work on our own. All of us contribute some money to but ration and then distribute it among the needy people.

“We do not take any pictures while distributing ration. We usually go in the night, put the sack of ration outside their gates, and then knock on their doors to tell them that someone has sent a gift for them.”