Rights Watch | 9th June 2020

Rights Watch

Another Custodial Death

One Allah Wasaya was taken into custody and tortured by 12 policemen at CIA Staff station, Lodhran where he died: FIR

Police demanded Rs300,000 to release his body before it was shifted to DHQ Lodhran on Monday morning.

Honor Killing

Man murdered his 65 year old wife for honor in Lahore on Monday, says Model Town Investigations Police.

The victim had 9 children. 2 from the husband who she married 15 years ago. The suspect had no business or work.

Child Marriage

A 12 year old girl was being forcibly married by her step-parents to a 30-year-old man in Saidpur when Islamabad police intervened.

Police found her in a bridal dress with guests at the ceremony and shifted her to a shelter home. Stepparents and grooms have been arrested.

Zohra Murder Case

Police will conduct a polygraph test of the arrested couple for murdering Zohra Shah. Videos of torture recovered from their phones.

Zohra’s father is a laborer and cannot afford to travel from Muzaffargarh to Rawalpindi for the case. CPO Rawalpindi has promised them support and justice.

Man kills wife

Saima (25), a mother of 2 shot dead by her husband over a domestic dispute after 7 years of marriage in Machar Colony Karachi.

Neighbors saw the suspect run after they heard a gunshot and police found Saima’s body. Docks police are conducting raids to find the suspect.