Rights Watch | 15th June 2020

Rights Watch

Honor Killing

A man killed his sister for honour in Tappi area of Kohat on Sunday Suspect shot her dead with a gun over an argument, said their father.

Victim was divorced and living with her father and brother. A case has been registered in Saddar police station while the accused is still at large.

Child Marriage

A jirga decided to marry a 13 year old girl to a 41 year old man as ‘vani’ due to her brother’s alleged sexual relations with an 18-year-old girl.

Peshawar police intervened and rescued the minor and arrested 3 members of the jirga. Police is also looking for other members now.

Woman Forced Into Sex Work

A domestic worker in Abbasia Town, Rahim Yar Khan said her employers would force her to do sex work and would torture her if she refused.

She registered a complaint with the help of her employers’ neighbours after which police arrested 7 people including 3 women involved in the crime.