Dr. Javed Akram: Curfew By Army May Be Needed To Impose Lockdown

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Dr. Javed Akram, Vice-chancellor of the University of health sciences (UHS) in a press conference said that the armed forces should be called in to impose a very strict curfew instead of smart or any unsmart lockdown.

In a widely attended press conference in Lahore he made the following statements:

“I’m not an economic expert and it is not my job to see how will people find enough resources during the curfew because the government has to run the country while I have to stop the spread of this disease, but in my personal opinion I think a curfew must be implemented to stop the transmission immediately. For 15 days we should implement a very strict curfew instead of smart or any unsmart lockdown and I believe our s like floods and if the PM asks the armed forces, they will help with this too. However I’m not saying we should implement some kind of martial law but we have seen how going soft on people and expecting them to follow SOPs did not work out when we see how the traders, transporters and businesses community responded to it and the experiment failed badly so in this kind of an environment we have to do it by force”

Artificial Plasma May Be Created

“Since we do not have a lot of donors coming in so we will be creating artificial plasma after infecting mice with COVID-19 and then inject them with antibodies through which eventually we can create synthetic antibodies for humans without depending on donors for passive immunization”

“Antibodies are of no use to recovered patients after two weeks hence they should donate plasma every week and the one-time process does not take more than 15 minutes, there is no blood loss to anyone who donates plasma and there are no side effects”

Patterns Of Symptoms And Morality

“30 out of 100 patients are asymptomatic and recover without any medical attention but they’re immune and can donate plasma as their bodies have created enough antibodies”

“80 percent of the remaining 70 patients have mild symptoms and it goes away in 12 days after they self isolate themselves”

“Only 5-7 percent of the patients are critical and most of these are men because the virus is not infecting women as much as men, people who smoke have a mortality rate of 6-7 percent while patients with cardiac diseases have a mortality rate of 11-12 percent”

“Mortality rate is directly proportional to your age because the receptors through which the virus enters your body increase in numbers with time, they’re called ‘angiotensin-converting enzymes II’ and a 70-years-old person has them 4 times more than a 20-years-old person while they’re much more in smokers and people with an unstable blood pressure problems”

“Whoever is smoking during this time is just like committing suicide because the COVID-19 receptors are found 3-4 percent more in smokers according to the scans we have done”

“We are not taking plasma from people who have serious underlying medical conditions even though whenever we do take plasma it is done through proper consent forms signed by the donor and the recipient”

“Longest case of COVID-19 we have seen was of 85 days but the virus particles are already broken in your body by then however the result of PCR test might come positive”

Learning From The Chinese Experience

“We had a meeting with the top 47 experts on COVID-19 from around the world including experts from China”

“China lost 3500 health workers due to COVID-19 initially but what matters now is how China did not come up with a strategy which stopped deaths of health-workers but also the fact that not a single healthcare worker has been infected since then”

“I couldn’t believe what Shanghai university’s president told us in the presentation because their healthcare workers were equipped with a great care strategy, all the required tools, and 7 layers of protection for each one of them. Healthcare providers are not even safe with an N-95 mask”

“It is a fact that states led by women have given the best response to the pandemic”

Let’s Not Rely On Vaccines

“There have been 23 serious attempts to create vaccines, even when half of them were made but couldn’t live in bodies for too long”

“We shouldn’t rely upon or wait for vaccines because we have to live this now as these viruses keep evolving so we must accept that the world has changed”

“Weddings, funerals and hugging each other are now a part of the history”

“We have to adopt this new lifestyle and must keep our faces hidden under a mask to protect ourselves whether we like it or not”

“I request and beg people to not wait for tests if a single person has tested positive or even felt symptoms, just isolate!”

 “Testing is only useful for research on public health purposes now”

“Instead the government should test sewerage water of every area to measure the quantity of the virus in any specific area because the virus flows through water”