COVID Watch | 8th June 2020


SC Reverses Decision

Supreme Court has reversed its decision on keeping shops open on weekends. The court granted permission for Eid shopping earlier.

The apex court says that the federal government needs to come up with laws regarding the pandemic situation.

Shops Sealed Over SOPs Violations

Authorities in KP have sealed several shops and bus stands for violating SOPs across the province.

Meanwhile, KP’s Young Doctors Association (YDA) has urged the govt to make immediate arrangements for additional beds and ventilators in the hospitals. YDA President Dr. Rizwan Kundi said that people were rushing the critically-ill patients to hospitals but they were not admitted owing to the non-availability of beds.

Concerns Over Hospital Waste

Health and environmental experts warn that improper disposal of hospital waste may become a major source of Covid-19.

They have urged the government to enforce safety guidelines on this matter for safe disposal of hazardous waste instead of handling it through conventional means.

Adiala Jail Hospital Sealed

The Adiala Jail colony was sealed after the husband of a female medical officer tested positive for coronavirus.

The jail hospital has also been closed after the death of a dental technician although he tested negative for Covid-19.

On the other hand, one of the under-trial prisoners in sub-jail Chakwal tested positive for the coronavirus and he had been isolated in the prison facility.

Corona Situation In Rawalpindi

According to an official report, most of the people infected by coronavirus so far in the Rawalpindi district are below 40 years of age.

The report said 109 of the patients died of the disease in about 2.5 months. No child or infant was among the dead.