COVID Watch | 24th June 2020


Experts Predict 4 Million Cases

President of the Lahore chapter of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Ashraf Nizami predicted Pakistan’s COVID-19 cases may hit 4 million, with 80,000 deaths in a few months if the infection continues to spread at the rate it is currently. Failure to adhere to protective guidelines and SOPs, as well as administrative failure in implementing robust restrictive strategies has been cited as the main reason for the aggressive spread of the virus in the country.

Over 9,500 Violations Recorded

9,532 violations of SOP and health guidelines across the country were reported in the past 24 hours as 4,100 new infections emerged. Around half the violations were reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which currently has the highest case fatality rate among the provinces.

No One Treatment For Virus

The Coronavirus Expert Advisory Group (CEAG) states a standard COVID-19 treatment methods will likely be determined in a year. However, currently, there is no one-for-all cure or treatment for the virus. Doctors will continue to treat virus patients according to their requirements until a vaccine is available. Until then, the CEAG advises the public against using or administering medicines without prescriptions from a licensed physician.

Infected Civil Servants Forced To Work

Punjab civil servant officers are being refused sick leaves even after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, and ordered to come to work. Ill officers claim only masks are mandated at offices while other SOPs are rarely enforced, leaving other staff exposed to the risk of contracting the potentially fatal virus.