COVID Watch | 1st June 2020


No Masks Will Result In Fines

Punjab Govt considers wearing masks mandatory as lock-down is eased.
Islamabad will be fined Rs 3000 from citizens for not wearing a mask in public spaces as per the directions of NHS.

Lock-Down Eased Further In Punjab

The Cabinet Committee on COVID-19 in Punjab has decided to ease the lock-down further in the province despite a rapid increase in cases.
In the same meeting, CM Buzdar also decided to make a request to the federal government to provide 1500 more ventilators for patients.

Testing Facility Closed

A newly established lab at the  Ayub Teaching Hospital of Abbottabad stopped Covid-19 tests  5 days ago due to a shortage of required material.
Hospital’s request for fixing PCR machine and providing required material has gone unanswered while health-workers are now at more risk due to manual tests.

COVID-19 Kills Senior Pathologist

Dr. Aurangzeb, a senior pathologist at Police Services Hospital, Peshawar was on the ventilator for 4 days before dying of COVID-19.
At least 18 Pakistani doctors have died due to COVID-19 while performing their duties while more than 1900 health workers have been infected so far.

Hospital Under Attack

Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi  was attacked on Friday night by citizens
for a delay in handing over the body of a COVID-19 patient.
Relatives of the deceased vandalized the facility and attacked doctors on duty when they were told to wait till the patient’s test results arrived.