Balochistan Dependent On 350 Beds And 50 Ventilators

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Published on June 15, 2020
By Maqbool Jaffar from Quetta

Hospitals in Balochistan have reached their full capacity despite the fact that an estimated 97 percent of patients have quarantined themselves at home.

DG Health Balochistan Dr Saleem Abro warned over the surge of COVID-19 infections in the province, saying that the cases could easily increase to over 100,000 between July and September.

“Around 79,000 people have been screened for COVID-19 and 40 percent of the population in the province is currently infected,” he had said earlier while addressing a press conference.

In Balochistan only 350 hospital beds have been allocated for COVID-19 patients while the total number of ventilators that are available is only 50, most of which are disposable.

Spokesperson of the Balochistan Young Doctors’ Association (YDA), Dr Rahim Yar Khan told that only two hospitals are accepting patients of COVID-19 which include Fatima Jinnah Chest & General Hospital and the Sheikh Zayed Hospital even though both of them are full with patients.

Khan added that “People are still not accepting the fact that coronavirus is a serious pandemic and not some conspiracy and this has resulted in serious difficulties to manage the situation”.

He also criticized the role of the government and its negligence in enforcing a timely lockdown which could have resulted in flattening the curve.

“Now only God can save us all but the government still needs to develop the infrastructure to make the hospitals look and work a bit better than some ruins” added Khan.

No one from the government has denied the alarming claims made by the healthcare workers regarding the situation.

Speaking to, Government’s spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani said “Although we have committed to spend our entire budget for the procurement and supply of COVID-19 vaccine but unfortunately it has not been created yet so till then people will have to learn how to live with this because coronavirus will not let them live otherwise for sure”

130 out of 7500 COVID-19 patients have already died and now the cases are still increasing at the rate of 25-26 percent of the sample tested is turning out to be positive in the province everyday, according to Shahwani.

He said that “Out of 1035 people tested recently, 304 of them tested positive which is very dangerous but it can be taken care of if people started following the SOPs”.

At least 265 doctors, 61 paramedics and 5 nurses have already contracted COVID-19 and 4 doctors have been laid to rest in the line of duty.

The government had predicted the peak of the virus to be crossed during July but now it is expected to stay till at least December.