Rights Watch | 5th May 2020

Rights Watch

Woman & Newborn Die Of Negligence

Quack’s clinic wrecked by relatives of the woman who died along with her newborn during delivery due to negligence in Sahiwal, Punjab.

Police arrested the quack & one of the two midwives who fled after the demise of the woman & her child.

Source: Dawn

Minorities Denounce NCMR

Religious minorities across Pakistan term proposed National Commission for Minorities Rights (NCMR) sham, unrepresentative

Denounce constitution of commission through Cabinet rather than Parliament, Ahmadiyya community excluded from NCMR

Source: Dawn

Police Torture Disabled Man

Fida Muhammad, a paraplegic, claimed Cantonment police thrashed him for selling mosquito nets during the lockdown in Nowshera

Assistant Superintendent of police ensured involved personnel will be reprimanded & Muhammad’s confiscated nets returned

Source: The News