Rights Watch | 21st May 2020

Rights Watch

Husband Beats Wife To Death In Jaranwala

A resident of Chak 145-GB Jaranwala, Faisalabad, beat his wife to death with a club following a domestic dispute on Wednesday, May 20. There has been a disturbing increase in incidents of domestic abuse and women being murdered by their husbands since the lockdown, however due to restrictions, women are even further disadvantages when it comes to accessing justice and aid.

Prisoners Fake Illness To Meet Families

Punjab’s Adiala Jail prisoners are feigning illness in order to be shifted to the infirmary as an excuse to meet family members, say jail doctors. Family visits have been discontinued at jails to prevent any possible carrier from outside to transmit the virus to the inmates. As a result, prisoners have not been able to see their families for over 2 months. However, jail doctors have noted that 90% of patients they have received so far were healthy despite claims of illness – they would fake being sick so that they are able to summon family members in the jail’s infirmary.

Journalists Most Affected By Virus: PFUJ

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has released a report of the effects of the pandemic on journalists – so far, the virus has resulted in the demise of three journalists and has infected 156 others. Of the infected, 69 have managed to recover while the remaining are currently in stable condition and undergoing treatment. Lahore accounts for the highest number of infected journalists at 84 cases. The report stated that camera journalists and photojournalists were the most at risk from the contagion.