Rights Watch | 13th May 2020

Rights Watch

Hearing On Military Court Cases

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) adjourned on Tuesday, May 12, 300 petitions against military court convictions of suspected militants till June 16 to allow the government time enough to produce case records. During the hearing, the PHC decided to begin hearing bail pleas of convicts as decisions in their cases could not be delayed any further.

The military’s judge advocate general branch submitted only 78 case records and requested for more time to retrieve the remaining files as offices were closed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Woman Drowns Daughter

Sadaf Bibi of Sialkot was arrested for drowning her 5 year old daughter Areeba on Tuesday, May 12. According to police reports, Sadaf was regularly berated by her husband, Usman Ghani, and her in-laws for not producing sons upon giving birth to a third daughter a few days prior.

On the day of the incident, Usman had berated her again. Upset, Sadaf took her two daughters, Areeba, 5, and Maryam, 3, to a secluded part of the house. She submerged Areeba’s head into a bucket of water, drowning her. Usman was able to stop her from drowning Maryam when he happened to stumble upon them.

Maryam is currently recovering in a hospital, while police have taken Sadaf into custody.

Man Murders Wife, Commits Suicide

A man murdered his wife before committing suicide on Tuesday, May 12, in Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi. Naimat Khan, 45, was a daily-wage laborer while his wife Yasmeen, 40, was a domestic worker. Due to the ongoing lockdown, the couple and their children were deprived of work and were mired in stress due to poverty.

On the day of the incident, the couple had quarreled over their financial woes, during which Naimat Khan stabbed his wife to death and then later took his life with the same weapon.