Quetta Students Paying Tribute To Frontline Heroes Through Artwork

Featured Photo - Voicepk.net

Frontline fighters are being given accolades and are being appreciated all over the world. These are the people who are doing their jobs by putting their lives in danger so that others can stay safe in their homes during these difficult times.

In Quetta, students from different universities chose to paint the roadside walls as a way to pay tribute to frontline warriors. Murals of health workers, police, and media workers to were illustrated and painted to pay tribute to their services.

At the same time, the young artists also tried to educate the citizens about the symptoms of the virus and precautions to stop the spread of this deadly virus through these paintings.

Amal Waleed, an art student said that she not only wants to appreciate the frontline heroes but also spread awareness about the deadly disease through her artwork.

“We try to appreciate all these professionals through our paintings. We are also trying to deliver public service messages about the disease and how one can one take care of their own selves,” she said.

Shahida Batool, another art student and an amateur painter said that all those risking their lives to keep the public safe from the virus are the real heroes.

“The paintings I made (murals of doctors, nurses, and media workers) are about the real heroes, who have left the comfort of their homes to help others,” Batool said.

Assistant Commissioner Quetta Nida Kazmi visited the site and saw the murals. She appreciated the efforts of the students and said that the morale of the frontline workers will be boasted through these initiatives.

“Many people are working to fight this pandemic and they really need to know that the public is with them. So, I really appreciate this initiative as through this we are also learning more about Balochistan’s immense pool of talent in fine arts. The government is indeed thankful for this effort.”