Pride Of The Transgender Community

Aisha Mughal -

By Ahmed Saeed

For the transgender community, Aisha Mughal represents a lot more than just an expert. Mughal – a transgender woman has been working at the Ministry of Human Rights as a transgender rights expert since some time now, but most recently she became the reason for a moment of pride after she was included in the list of ‘Most Successful Trans-person’ for 2020 Pink News – a UK based magazine focusing on LGBTQ rights.

Mughal made history in February 2020 by representing Pakistan at the United Nations’ Convention to End All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) committee. Pakistan was the first country in the world to include a legally recognized Transgender woman at any global forum.

At the forum, she successfully presented Pakistan’s annual report about the steps taken to eliminate gender-based discrimination of all types. Her inclusion in the delegation increased the goodwill for Pakistan.

Mughal is one of the torchbearers of transgender rights in the country and has worked relentlessly to highlight the problems faced by this marginalized community. She also played a vital role in getting the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018 passed from the parliament.

Now she is working to ensure the effective implementation of the legislation. interviewed Aisha Mughal to know more about her struggle in life, her role in the Human Rights Ministry, and her future aims.

“I am the kind of person who always focuses on solutions,” she says. “Since my childhood, I have had the realization that if I want an honorable status in society than I should complete my education. In school and college, there are challenges because one has to face bullying – when you are different from others, you face discrimination.”

Ayesha has always held education as a priority but for many other transgenders, it is not possible.

“I request the Government of Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission to provide a quota for the [in education institutions] for the transgender community so that they can also receive an education. Besides that, the community also needs a special quota both in public and private sector jobs.

“Negative stereotyping about the transgender community must be eliminated. For that, the best solution is to provide jobs to transgenders and make them productive citizens of society.”

Ayesha also feels that the representation of the community is not right.

“Media needs to highlight the positive and success stories of transgenders so that the families who have trans-children start to accept them with the same dignity with which they accept their other children.”