Killer Of Waziristan Girls Still At Large

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Two young girls were killed in the name of honor over a private leaked video where a boy is seen kissing them. The video went viral over the internet. The incident took place in Tehsil Razmak of North Waziristan in Pakistan’s tribal district, bordering Afghanistan.

The police said that the relatives of the girls had taken their bodies to South Waziristan for burial. They said that the third girl is safe and they are protecting her. The boy in the video has been taken into custody on charges of making an obscene video.

The police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the bowho made the video and the relatives who killed the two girls. In both, the FIR’s the police are the complainant. Police have arrested two men who posted the video on social media but the accused Muhammad Aslam, who allegedly murdered the girls is still at large.

One of the girl’s father has been arrested while the other girl’s brother has been taken into custody for honor killing.

District Police Officer (DPO) North Waziristan Shafiullah Gandapur said that the police have registered the case, which is a big achievement in itself.

“Since the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) has been abolished so the case is registered under the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Now, the police are conducting raids to arrest the main culprits and to take them to task”, Gandapur said.

The DPO said that the Regional Police Officer Bannu Abdul Ghafoor Afridi has formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to further probe the incident.

Local tribal elders told that in the past whenever such incidents of extramarital affairs have surfaced, the man and woman involved in the act were killed with the consent of the elders of their families.

However, in this case, the local journalists and social organizations got involved and therefore police had no choice but to intervene and register the case, rather than leaving the matter to the elders. 

In 2012, three girls were killed in Kohistan for the honor after a grainy video went viral showing the girls cheering on two male dancers.

The complainant of the Kohistan case, Afzal Kohistani was shot dead in March 2019 by assailants in Abbottabad.

The brutal honor killing of the girls in Waziristan is a chilling reminder of the cold-blooded murder of the Kohistani girls.