Born To Be Killed

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By Shaukhat Korai

Karachi police have been unable to demystify the reasons surrounding the death of a newborn baby girl, who was found on a footpath in Mominabad area of the city. The baby girl passed away while being shifted to a local hospital.

On May 8th, an Edhi volunteer, Muhammad Azeem informed the police about finding the baby in an extremely critical condition.

Police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) on the application of a local residential area of the Area. The FIR was registered against a family living in a building that was close to the spot from where the baby was found.

Imran, who was nominated in the FIR told that he was falsely accused in the case. He said his family was deeply shocked over the registration of the FIR.

“I have been called by the police to visit the police station every other day. It has disturbed my family life. I can’t even go outside. How can I? In my locality all you need to do is spread fake news about anyone and the public will do the rest”, Imran said.

According to the police, the DNA samples have been collected and more facts can only be ascertained after they have a complete forensic report.

Tragically, this is not a standalone incident of its kind. According to in charge of Edhi foundation of the Karachi Circle area, Muhammad Bilal there has been a spike in such cases lately.

“Last year the corpses of 4083 newborn babies were found in Karachi,” he said. “At least three to four babies, in a month, are abandoned in the swings placed outside Edhi homes. Most of them are baby girls.”

But there are more horrifying facts that he reveals “In the past, when we found these abandoned baby girls we saw they were alive; now most of them are found dead,” said Bilal.

Akhtar Baloch, member of the Human Rights Council of Pakistan (HRCP),  said that people tend to kill their newly born daughters mainly due to social and financial issues.

“People think that a son can still earn his livelihood on his own but they consider daughters a burden and they get worried about how they will afford their educational or marriage expenses.”

Baloch said there are many laws in the country ensuring child rights but such incidents have nothing to do with them.

“This is not an issue of child right, it’s a murder and should be dealt so. The government should formulate an effective strategy to save newborn babies”, Baloch said.