Two Women Returning From India Test Positive

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On the request of the Pakistani High Commission, the 41 Pakistanis who had been stranded in India were finally able to cross the Wagah border on April 16 and return to their homeland.

But two of the women amongst them have tested positive for Coronavirus, while the remaining 39 Pakistanis were tested and dispatched to the quarantine center that was established at the Lahore Expo Center.

The two confirmed cases have been admitted to the Sheikh Zayed Hospital for treatment.

Ahsan Rehan, one of the returning citizens, informed that their nasal swab samples were taken.

“The authorities on the Pakistan side have taken our swab samples to test us for the Coronavirus and we are told that the results will be out in the next 24 hours,” he said.

Although the test results have confirmed that the other 39 Pakistanis tested negative, they are to remain in quarantine at the Lahore Expo Center for a few more days as a precaution. In all probability, they will be released after a second test also comes out negative.

Meanwhile, all personnel stationed at the immigration counter where the two carriers were received and the driver who operated the bus in which the returning citizens were brought in have also been shifted to quarantine centers.

Suspended Activities

All transborder activities between India and Pakistan were suspended and the borders closed down on March 19, because of which 186 Pakistanis had to spend the past month in India, according to the Pakistani High Commission.

“First, I would like to thank God and then the Governments of India and Pakistan as they took great care of us in such a difficult time and for those who are still stranded on both sides, I suggest that they instantly isolate themselves, remain calm and listen to their governments,” said Amtal Basit, another traveler.

Ahsan said, “I had to return on March 19, but we could not due to border closure but now we are happy to be able to come back and I would like to thank both the countries for giving me an option to return.”

He also stated that his time in India was well spent.

Another Pakistani said she used to be an Indian national but now she lives in Lahore. “I am thankful to the Indian government for letting us come back even during the lockdown” she added.

Exactly a month ago, eight Pakistani prisoners in India were returned to their country via the Wagah border.

According to media reports, approximately 200 Indian citizens are awaiting aid from the Indian High Commission to return to India, while 145 Pakistanis are yet to return home.