Transgender community awaits government’s aid to survive lockdown

Transgender in Pakistan

As the shut down in Punjab has entered into its third week, the downtrodden and marginalized segments of society are bearing the brunt of the situation.

Working-class communities especially daily wagers, have run out of their savings and are now living in very miserable conditions. Neighborhood stores are not allowing credit and food supply is running out fast. Many have even lost their jobs.

One such marginalized section of society is that of transgenders.

As no gatherings and wedding ceremonies are taking place, for those transgenders who earn their livelihood through dancing, appearing at births of babies, or even begging, all major sources of income have been finished.

For many, it has been difficult to make ends meet. Transgenders generally live in communities called ‘dera’s which tend to be situated in the lowest socioeconomic areas of the city and therefore automatically have little interaction with others. This is probably why they are also being deprived of aid and ration being distributed by different charities and organizations during the lockdown.

Anmol Bukhari, a coordinator of the transgender community-based in Sahiwal, opened up to about the kind of difficulties they are facing. From the current condition of the community to what has been the role of NGOs and the government to provide relief in these difficult times, Anmol reveals the grim reality of how transgender communities continue to survive, without the privilege of education, employment and in the midst of financial issues.