Rights Watch (9th April 2020)

Rights Watch

No Discount on School Fee

All Pakistan Private Schools Association has decided not to follow the 20 percent discount on the fee during the coronavirus lock-down.

The private schools in Punjab, Sindh, and ICT have announced to challenge the government directives to ensure they do not take full fees from students in the courts as most of the private schools are on rent and they have to pay the teaching and other staff regularly.

Minister for School Education in Punjab, Murad Raas has still given a one-week ultimatum to private schools to give 20% discount for April and May 2020 by offering them new fee challans.

Convicted Journalist

Sindh High Court has set aside the five-year imprisonment of a journalist Nasrullah Khan ordered by a trial court.

Daily Nai Baat’s Nasrullah Khan Chaudhry was sentenced to five years in prison by ATC after being arrested in November 2018 for allegedly carrying literature which supports and promotes militancy and hatred on religious grounds.

Khan’s lawyer argued that the judgment of the trial court was not following the basic principles of law and his client was framed in the case after being wrongfully detained by CTD.

Unemployed Pakistanis

According to Pakistan’s Consul General Ahmed Amjad Ali, at least 10,000 Pakistanis have lost their jobs in UAE amid the lock-down due to the pandemic.

Around 35,000 Pakistanis have registered with the consulate in Dubai to return to Pakistan but bringing such a large number of people back is not going to be an easy task hence the consulate will prioritize the tourists, unemployed & the elderly in the process, said the Consul General.