Rights Watch | 27th April 2020

Rights Watch

Rape & Murder

Police arrested 4 for the alleged rape and murder of a 25 year old woman in Clifton, Karachi. On April 13, the accused broke into the victim’s home to rob her, after which she was allegedly gang-raped. The victim was bludgeoned over the head with a heavy, blunt object when she tried to resist. She succumbed to her injuries while being transported to a hospital – a post-mortem examination is being conducted at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center.

The 4 accused confessed to the crime.

Honour Killing

A 40 year old woman from Sahamal, Chiniot was gunned down by her younger brother under the pretext of “honour” for supposedly having extra-marital relations on Sunday, April 26. The victim’s body has been shifted to the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital for a post-mortem examination, while a criminal case has been filed against the currently at-large suspect.

Crimes against Children

An 8 year old girl was shot by her uncle for causing a ruckus while playing on Sunday, April 26. The incident took place at the girl’s residence in Peshawar. According to the victim’s father, the accused was incensed over the noise the children were making while playing and verbally abused them before opening fire, injuring his niece. The girl succumbed to her injuries while being shifted to a hospital.

A case has been registered against the absconded suspect. The victim’s father alleges there was no animosity between his family and his brother, and that the accused is of sound mind.