Rights Watch | 23rd April 2020

Rights Watch

Female Surgeon Abused

PMA demands action against MS Dr. Asif Saleemi for manhandling Dr. Ayesha Qaiser of General Hospital Haseeb Shaheed Colony, Faisalabad. Dr. Ayesha registered a complaint at DC office against MS, AMS, and two other doctors for threatening and abusing her.

Honor killings

Man killed his wife & another man over suspicion of affair in Ratwal village near Fatehjang and then fled the scene. Another man allegedly killed his ex-wife with a knife after
barging into her house in Attock. He also fled the scene.

Woman Shot By A Spurned Suitor

Nawaz shot and injured Salma after her parents allegedly refused his proposal in village Khokhran near Lahore. Salma was intercepted on the way to her sister’s house by Nausher
& Nawaz who shot her before fleeing. Police have registered a case.

New Fee Ordinance

20 percent fee concession has been granted to students through the Punjab Private Educational Institutions amendment ordinance. Private institutions insist on charging full fees. SHC has a stay order on the 20% fee discount to students given by the Sindh government.