Rights Watch | 20th April 2020

Rights Watch

BISP Fraud

Muhammad Abbas was booked in tehsil Dipalpur for deceitfully receiving BISP cash for 10 years on the behalf of 6 women.

Abbas took their thumb impressions & CNIC copies for BISP cards to be discovered years later about his fraud. He was confronted by the women. 

Strangled To Death

25-year-old Maida Gul was strangled by her husband Bashir in the Afghan camp of Gulshan-i-Maymar, Karachi.

Mother of 3 was found dead in her home while the husband fled. Injury marks were also discovered on her head.

Minor Maid Tortured

Kiran, 10, was hospitalized after being tortured & injured by her employer in Samanabad Lahore for stealing Rs500 on Sunday.

Kiran was working in the SDO building department, Sohail’s house for 10 months without pay. Sohail was arrested but his wife escaped.