COVID Watch (8th April 2020)


Patients Recover

28 patients of COVID-19 have recovered in Gilgit-Baltistan in one day while a fresh case was detected on Tuesday. In GB the total number of patients is 212, out of which 3 have died, & 43 recovered while 166 are still under treatment.

Doctors Without PPEs

Doctors in Ghalib Nagar, Larkana,  refuse to collect samples of suspected COVID-19 patients without PPEs. 27 members of a family who were quarantined at home were to be tested.

Unit For Pregnant Patients

A special unit for pregnant patients of COVID 19 has been formed at the Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. Pregnant women need special care. Govt making arrangements staff to be provided with PPE etc.

Slow Relief

People in various areas of KP have complained about the slow or no process of relief distribution and for it being exclusive to some. Lists of 18,000 people had been finalized, but were under scrutiny.