COVID Watch (3rd April 2020)


UN Support Sought by KP

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa health department requested support from UN agencies in establishing an emergency operation center for a response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the region. Personal protective equipment (PPEs), masks, gloves, ventilators, and other medical and protective equipment was also requested to treat coronavirus patients as well as provide ample protection to health workers

People Continue to Go Hungry

The underprivileged communities in Punjab continue to go hungry for the 7th day in a row as the Government is yet to devise a mechanism to correctly identify the truly needy. Data on deserving persons is being through 3 different sources, that is through local union councils, zakat and usher committees, and through mobile and online applications to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ehsaas Kafalat Program and Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s Insaaf Imdad Package.

Per the Insaaf Imdad Packager, each deserving person will receive Rs. 4,000 in aid, however, when and how they are to receive the aid are questions that yet still do not have an answer.

Autistic Children Vulnerable to Virus

Autistic children are in greater need of support and care during the pandemic as they are more prone to infections than other individuals, caution health experts. Social distancing and self-isolation, key measures to preventing the spread of the virus, pose a challenge for autistic persons as they are highly dependent on direct support through social interaction. Health professionals suggest parents and guardians remain vigilant and practice good hygiene when caring for autistic persons.