COVID Watch | 30th April 2020


COVID-19 Breakthrough

US scientists made a potential breakthrough with the anti-COVID-19 drug. The trial involved 1,063 people from 68 locations in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Recovery 30 percent faster with the new anti-virus drug. Data show significant, positive effect: Top US epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci.

Relief Tigers

Corona Relief Tiger Force to become operational from today to participate in relief activities during the pandemic.

They will be deployed outside mosques, utility stores and help with police and district administration.

No More Sanitizing Gates

The installation of sanitizing walkthrough gates at the entrances of public offices and spaces have been stopped on the orders of the Punjab government.

The wasted expense of gates which were declared ineffective by Coronavirus experts advisory group.

Substitute Mask

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology’s Professor Zeeshan Khatri claims to have developed a substitute for the N95 masks with different technology and material.

Prof Khatri’s startup ‘NanoClo’ has already sold more than 13,000 substitute N95 masks to health practitioners mostly.

Cases Projection

Infections and deaths in Pakistan were 30-35% lower than projections hence ease in lock-down seems possible: federal minister for planning, Asad Umar

Health experts say curve seems flat because Pakistan doing only 8000 tests/day, in population of 207 million