COVID Watch | 20th April 2020


Deaths In KP

10 more deaths recorded due to COVID-19 in a day, bringing total deaths to 60 in KP.

With 62 new cases, the number of patients in KP reached 1,137 according to an official report.

Arguments At LHC

LHC has allowed lawyers to send written arguments to the courts & also exempted litigants from personal appearance unless required.

The decision was announced to curb the spread of COVID-19 through a circular issued by LHC Registrar.

COVID-19 Hits Transporters

37 out of 108 Pakistani transporters tested positive for coronavirus upon return from Afghanistan.

They were tested after 28 hours of their arrival. The government permitted 195 Pakistanis stranded in Afghanistan to cross the border.

Lock-Down Relaxed In Sindh

Some markets in Sindh allowed reopening partially as lockdown relaxed under pressure by traders and workers.

Sindh government had to revise its lock-down policy for specified businesses to ensure essential supplies.

Lyari-New COVID-19 Hotspot

Within 2 days, 67 people were tested positive for COVID-19 in Lyari and neighboring areas.

CM Sindh told special assistant on inspection & inquires Waqar Mehdi, to examine the situation and contain the spread.

Tableeghis Return Home

5,663 tableeghis were allowed to go home in Punjab after being tested negative for COVID-19.

1,560 who tested positive have been quarantined while the results of 4,250 are awaited.