COVID Watch (1st April 2020)


Child patient
A 6-month-old girl has tested positive for COVID-19 in Gujrat after her father was declared a patient a few days ago. She is now being quarantined at home for safety while her mother will be tested for Coronavirus immediately.

OPDs closed
KP government has closed down OPDs in all THQs and DHQs except for those critically injured. Decision made to put the focus on COVID-19 suspected patients through the establishment of triages & for health workers’ safety.

Internet for all
Many students from peripheral areas raise serious concerns over the lack of access to the internet during the COVID-19 outbreak. Trends such as #Enable3G4GInExFATA & #SuspendOnlineClasses emerged on Twitter along with protests to stop online classes.

Testing capacity
KP has increased its capacity to test Coronavirus patients from 100 to 300 per day, 500 tests per day are the next goal. 215 quarantine centers with 554 HDUs & 2400 isolation beds were established in KP but only 24 centers currently active