COVID Watch (10th April 2020)


Second Wave

Dysfunctional or no local governments might cause poor communities of rural areas to be hit badly in the second wave of COVID-19, according to the online dialogue titled ‘Rethinking Development amidst COVID-19 Crisis’ organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

Better coordination on all levels is required by putting politics aside to protect the rural and agricultural economy from pandemic when it is hit by the second wave in the near future.

Reopening OPDs

Professional healthcare providers have demanded from the federal and provincial governments to provide them protective gear before they start reopening the OPDs in hospitals.

Pakistan’s top court has also directed to open OPDs but doctors across the country say working without the PPEs and other safety measures in hospitals can be a source of massive COVID-19 spread.

‘CoronaCheck’ App

The new app android jointly launched by AKU and its teaching hospital will help users to safely assess their symptoms of COVID-19 from home.

 AKU’s CoronaCheck app is bilingual and its interactive chat-bot asks the users questions about their travel history and symptoms or the chance to have contact with a possible COVID-19 patient. All of this is done through an artificial intelligence system that runs the app.