12 doctors test positive for COVID-19 in Quetta

Doctors in Quetta

– Story by Haider Kaleem

12 doctors and 2 paramedics in Balochistan have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus, as the provincial government has not been able to arrange the required safety gear for healthcare providers.

The total number of COVID 19 patients has reached 164 in Balochistan.

Young doctors leading the frontline to battle the pandemic have serious concerns over how the government is dealing with the situation. They fear that if healthcare providers are not supplied with the protective gear including PPE suits soon, they can get infected, jeopardizing the entire health cares system.

While talking to voicepk.net, President id  Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) Yasir Achakzai said: “We don’t need any allowance, bonuses, salutes or flags all we need is protective kits, masks, and gloves so that we can continue providing our services of health care to our patients”

Dr. Zafar Luni, General Secretary of YDA Balochistan told voicepk.net “the situation is that the doctors do not have any protective gear and they don’t even know if they’re carrying the virus with them wherever they go. So far 10 doctors have been infected with COVID 19, then we found out 2 more have been tested positive. Now 25 other doctors who worked the 12 that have been infected are also at risk, so we asked them to isolate themselves until they’re tested negative for Coronavirus”.

Young doctors allege that the Taftan quarantine center was made by officials who do not understand the requirements of a quarantine center. They complain that the local administration was opposed to consulting institutions like PDMA and NDMA about the requirements of quarantine and isolation centers.

“We want the state to hold all those responsible who made things worse by foolishly tackling the crises,” said Yasir Achakzai.

According to media reports, 4 of the 12 doctors infected with COVID-19 had gone to attend the Tablighi jamaat.