COVID Watch (27th March 2020)


Plastic Bags for Protection

Dr. Amir Ali Khan of a Swabi public hospital in KP protested a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) by wearing plastic bags. Khan was contacted by health officials after weeks of no response & provided with PPEs when his pictures went viral online.

Punjab Hit with New Cases

94 cases of COVID-19 emerge in Punjab within a day, making it the second-most infected province with a tally of 419. According to the City District Administration, most suspected cases in Lahore test negative. So far, 67 have been confirmed.

Patient “Escapes” Hospital

A 24-year-old COVID-19 patient allegedly “escaped” Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, prompting doctors to call on the police for a search. The patient, who checked in at Services, denied the allegation & claimed they left Jinnah Hospital due to deplorable conditions.

Price Gouging of Essential Items

Wholesale prices of essential items soar as philanthropists & charity organizations bulk buy to distribute among needy. Wholesalers claim price hike was necessary due to an impending shortage of grains & sugar, irrespective of a slump in diesel costs.

Starving Labourers Stage Protest

Daily-wage labourers & their families swarm outside PPP MNA Rafiq Ahmed Jamali’s home in Dadu Sindh, demanding ration. Labourers face the brunt of the Sindh lockdown as they are left to starve due to the alleged price gouging of essential items.

Rs. 3,000/Month in Relief

Rs. 3,000 for 4 months to be disbursed in lump sum of Rs. 12,000 to 10 million needy as part of PM’s coronavirus relief package. Rs. 200 billion announced for daily wage labourers across all 4 provinces – distribution system yet to be devised!