Asma Jahangir Memorial & AJCONF 2019 Publication Launch Attended by Prominent Activists, Lawyers

Asma Jahangir Memorial
Asma Jahangir Memorial

LAHORE: AGHS Legal Aid Cell, with the support of the Pakistan Bar Council and EU Pakistan, held a memorial on 7th Feb 2020 in wake of the 2nd death anniversary of renowned lawyer and human rights activist, Asma Jahangir. The event was attended by prominent names in the field of law and rights activism. These included President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) Qalbe Hassan, Vice-Chair of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) Abid Saqi, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri.

Leading Lawyers and Rights Activists Give Speeches

The event was marked by moving speeches from Asma’s family and compatriots, shining a light on her efforts in advocating for human rights, democracy and freedom of expression. In his address, Abid Saqi denounced the increasing abuse of sedition laws in curbing voices. He insisted that more than ever, now is the time to work together to create a collective expression.

Daniel W. Clauss, Head of Political, Trade and Communications Section at the Delegation of the EU to Pakistan, expressed hope in the dedication of her friends, followers and successors. Asma’s friends and fellow activists, I. A. Rehman and Salima Hashmi, reiterated their immense respect and fondness for her. Tahir Jahangir and Executive Director AGHS Legal Aid Nida Aly also gave speeches in commemoration of her life and work.

Family & Friends Also Attend

Aly reflected on Asma’s ideals, and stated that AGHS Legal Aid Cell has sought to carry those ideals forward after her passing by increasing the firm’s case-load, conducting two successful conferences and looking forward to a third one, and launching the digital media platform

Journalist and host of Aaj TV’s “Spot Light”, Munizae Jahangir, took to the podium to announce the launch of AJCONF 2019’s publication and reiterated the resolutions of the conference. The event concluded with a prayer for Asma, led by her friend and colleague former Vice-Chair of the PBC Ahsan Bhoon.