Tariq Gidar group of the TTP re-emerge in Darra Adam Khel

TTP re-emerge in Darra Adam Khel
TTP re-emerge in Darra Adam Khel

A notice from the Tehrik-I-Taliban Pakistan says they have reorganized & regrouped in Darra Adam Khel, South-West of Peshawar. The TTP has warned locals of Darra Adam Khel of dire consequences if women and transgenders sing or dance at wedding functions. They have banned women from leaving their homes without a male guardian, as well as playing music in shops and cars.

The notice, dated Dec 18th, warns residents of Darra Adam Khel of dire consequences if they do not obey their form of Sharia. It ends with a couplet paying homage to Tariq Afridi.

Tariq Afridi and Umar Mansoor were part of the ruthless Tariq Gidar group. A splinter group of the TTP, the Tariq Gidar group was formed in Darra Adam Khel in 2007 and carried out terror attacks across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Umar Mansoor claimed responsibility of the attack on the Army Public School on 16th December 2014. Tariq Afridi was known for his hatred for Shias and ordered the killing of many.

Locals of Darra Adam Khel had been warning authorities for months that the Taliban had re-emerged. Fear grips the area now.

4 years ago, the Pakistan Army had confirmed that Operation Zarb-e-Azab had managed to flush the TTP out.