Kalpana Devi’s Struggle Against all Odds to End Forced Conversions of Hindu Girls in Pakistan


Additional Advocate General of Sindh High Court Kalpana Devi is a politician from Larkana and an official member of the PPP. She was banned by her own Hindu Panchayat from contesting elections, but she challenged the decision in court which lifted the ban allowing her to take part in elections

Vowing to follow the path of her mentor Asma Jahangir, she talks about the incident when she was attacked in 2015. “It was strange how we became Hindu from being Sindhi in one day and the mob burnt down our shivala and then they came for my house” she recalled.

She advocates that the bill to criminalize forced conversions of Hindu girls should be passed by the Sindh Assembly. In October this year, much to the disappointment of many, in the Sindh Assembly, the PPP retracted from its stance of criminalizing forced conversions after religious parties threatened to protest against the legislation

“The pending bill in Sindh Assembly to criminalize forced conversions of Hindu girls will be amended and tabled soon,” hopes Kalpana Devi.

Rights group and Hindu community continue to protest over the alleged abduction and forced conversions of young Hindu girls in Sindh. They question why only Hindu girls convert and get married, why not men or older women?



Authored by staff reporter